Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

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Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Postby Gnostic Bishop » Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:53 pm

Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Have you seen this rather well done movie?

They end asking about a God who tortures babies as God did to King David’s baby.
God also killed many innocent babies in his great flood as well as the innocent first born of Egypt. ... -baby.html

Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Gnostic Bishop
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Re: Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Postby Flapjack » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:15 pm

Probably not.

From the perspective of other cultures, those killed by God usually attain some kind of greater status after death. So, a baby killed by God would become something like an angel after death.

There's a part in the Bible where God opens up giant holes in the Earth and causes many men to, literally, be swallowed alive by the Earth. And then it says that it was good that God had done this, and that it was good for the men that this was done to them.

So, we are just suppose to assume that being killed was in their benefit.

This is a story, though.
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Re: Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Postby Hombre Pacífico » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:18 pm

Some ancient biblical tales just don't seem to match up to today's world's moral standards.

You seem confused over scripture. Understandable.

It is absolutely not acceptable under any circumstances to torture a baby. I can't imagine when it ever would be acceptable, even in ancient times.

Ask the Buddha what he would do, imo.
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Hombre Pacífico
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Re: Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Postby thrice-blessed » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:14 am

Do you think torturing any conscious being is ever justified?

I had once encountered a women who had become pregnant on methadone, and after she gave birth the baby had to go through withdrawal, or a controlled withdrawal with medication, and I was disgusted, I could not believe that a person could be so irresponsible as to allow themselves to become pregnant in such a situation, and worse yet I felt terrible for that poor child who was bombarded by the toxic synthetic opioid while the cells of its body was forming in the whomb, and who was forced to suffer an incredibly painful withdrawal as its first expereince on this planet. The whole situation struck me as a stunning example of human selfishness and irresponibility. These things don't "just happen", this individual knew she was dependant on an addictive and dangerous opioid and decided to have unprotected sex fully knowing that if a child was produced that it would have to suffer exposure and withdrawal to a toxic narcotic. This person should have taken every precaution to avoid pregnancy, but didn't. Is this just as bad as intentionally torturing a child? I'm not quite sure, but its close.

When is tourture of any being justified?

If a person has committed some unspeakable act most will claim this is a situation where tourture is justified,,, as a firm believer in karma I think that getting what you deserve should be expected, however, whose job is it to ensure one gets whet they deserve? Is it the job of man? Or is it the job of God? Does God allow murder when its in the name of punishment of a criminal? Does murder and tourture somehow become moral and just when its for the sake of justice?

Obviously there is no way to justify victimizing a being which is unable to defend itself, so automatically victimization of children is never appropriate.

As far as God is concerened I think its important to seperate what is man and what is God, through my experiences with dimethyltryptamine and high dose psilocybin as well as ayahuasca I feel I have gained a deep insight into the nature of and death, as well as the nature of the functionings of the devine, I think Terence mckenna's definination of an intellectual as well as a shaman) as being "someone who has things figured out" or a "clever fella" are quit fitting, any way, when you gain insight into these areas you find there is no injustice in the devine, that all parties are subject to the karma that they have accumulated and that all fates, no matter how disturbing from a human perspective, are a result of everything working exactly the way it was meant to.

Its not always easy, I have always been a very compassionate individual, plagued with deep empathy...

John Perry Barlow was discussing the presence of the hells angels at grateful dead events, and the hells angel said "I don't think good means much without evil" and Barlow said "this is true, but you do not always need to have a seat for evil at the table"

This existance is a Coincidentia oppositorum, you could not have hot without cold, if it were always one or the other it would be perceived as a constant and unnoticed. Everything in this existance is a crucial piece of its structure, and every piece is meant to be there, even those which are disturbing or displeasing, you must learn not to agonize over the negitive aspects of this existance, but to.realize that they are a needed element in the structure of conscious being, and then like Barlow said, limit your exposure to there things as much as possible. Do what you can to help others, show compassion, show others love and goodwill, and radiate postivity and good vibrations everywhere you go. Is your place feeding into the negative or generating the positive?


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Re: Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Postby Flapjack » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:02 am

God doesn't have to give a fuck about anyone or anything. Why should God listen to you and do what you think is moral? You are nothing. You're a shadow. You are here for a little while, and then you disappear.
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