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Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:08 am
by SashaGallagher
Not many people know how seedless watermelons are made, and I have heard a lot of people suggest that they were seedless because of GMO stuff. But that is not the case.

Seedless watermelons are seedless because they did not get pollinated by a male, so they did not grow seeds. The fruit is the part of the plant where the seeds grow, and it has to be female or hermaphrodite, and it has to be pollinated by another plant or itself in order to get seeds.

And just one last random thing, Oklahoma's state vegetable is a Watermelon, when I found that out I was like "Wow, what a stupid group of people" but I did some searches and found out that ALL FRUITS are vegetables. ANYTHING that comes off a plant (even the roots) are vegetables, and the ovaries (place seeds are made) are the fruit. So all fruits are vegetables, but not all vegetables are fruit. Like the rectangles and squares.

Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:34 am
by SashaGallagher
America Is Full Of Lost Minds: Pass Down Opinions

I already mentioned in the first part of "America Is Full Of Lost Minds" that people are willing to completely decide what political party you align with, based on a few keywords that may or may not have anything to do with the party they think it does. But I did not talk about how this happens.

The way this happens is people are putting themselves in bubbles. There was a time when people knew "You are going to have to deal with some people you don't like" I understand it, I have never had a boss I liked and I have to deal with trolls talking about my family and stuff all the time. But not many people seem to realize this any more. They seem to WANT to be in a Bubble of people that only say things they like and agree with, which leaves ZERO room for learning.

Then people pick the news they like whether it be NPR or FOX news or whatever, and they ONLY listen to the one side. But I want to point out that in the 60s when they hippies were protesting, they were listening to ALL THE POLITICIANS so they could make protest signs.

For example, if I decide today I am a liberal, do I just watch TYT and now I am getting my liberal game on? NO, I should watch FOX news and Blog about (or tweet directly at them) about how wrong they are. Otherwise I am just watching some internet news and nothing else.

Form your own opinions by watching EVERYTHING, no matter what you political affiliation is.

Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:02 pm
by SashaGallagher
What Do You Think Long Hair Means About People?

I am not sure why, but just because I have long hair, people seem to think I would know what Cale is, or that I for some reason hate hunters.

I get that Hippies were considered liberal, but everyone wants to try to identify me with Charles Manson, David Koresh or even Jesus. Usually because they don't like these people.

So basically what I have noticed is that anyone that hates me based on why I look like, is automatically putting whatever ideology they hate, into my hair. Which is completely insane.

I have NEVER called myself a Gamer, just byw. I am not for Gamer gate. I have never called myself a feminist, I will stand up for women though. I am not a vegetarian, I do smoke weed. But I really don't see why people have to look at me like an ink blot test just because I have long hair.

Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:49 pm
by SashaGallagher
Random, but I just felt like pointing this out. If you know about Christianity, Judaism and Islam, those aren't in ANY way examples of "Religion" they are examples of "Abrahamic Religion" to pretend that they are SO unique that they alone represent what "religion" has to offer, is just confirmation bias in the favor of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:30 am
by SashaGallagher
The Confirmation Bias of the Christo-Atheist

There seems to be a lot of people on the internet that call themselves "Atheist" but they believe in Gods like Mars, Venus and History (Clio). They WISH so hard that they were atheists, that they are willing to do all kinds of dancing and gymnastics. They simply can not handle a religion that is not Christianity, Islam or Judaism. It's like the old scenario where an AI computer fries circuits when you ask it a paradoxical question.

They will say "That is ancient, no one believes that anymore", but 15% of the planet is Hindu. And some Buddhists worship Hindu Gods. Then there are Zoroastrians and everything. But Hindus alone are the 3rd largest religion, in front of even JUDAISM.

They will say "That is not a real God, that is a god" and they don't even realize that the crusades are the only reason they think that. They are being Christo-Atheists.

They will say "You are conflating names" because they are not willing to click a simple link and learn that the Ogdoad shows us planet worship from 2000 BC forward. But my reply to them is just to show them that the Ogdoad is the solar system, not a bunch of "Magic Men" for example ZEUS IS JUPITER, Ancient people did not think Zeus lived in the clouds, he was a PLANET.

They will say "Those are myths", and all I have to say is "So is most of George Washington's life, but there is some truth in their still". Remember the Cherry tree and all that, those are called "National Myths" and they help make people feel united, it's NORMAL for nations to have these, even ancient ones.

It's just like confirmation bias on top of confirmation bias. They don't actually want to discuss the topic at hand, they want to talk about ANYTHING else, because they know that Planets exist and they still want to be atheist. But if you look in to it, the word "Atheos" was not invented for people with "No Gods" it was made for people who "Rejected the Popular Gods", which are the PLANETS.

Re: Modern Witch Hunts In Texas And Across America

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:17 am
by SashaGallagher
The Atheist Arbiters

I have been getting some HILARIOUS responses. Seriously, it's as if Atheists think all religion is right wing and anti-gay/ Thank you to all the reasonable people who have replied, but also thank you everyone else, you are too funny.

Just because you call yourself an Atheist does not make you:

1. Right

2. The Arbiter of Science

3. The Arbiter of "What Flies" (that is the funnies thing someone has said "That doesn't fly with me" what a ridiculous argument)

4. The Arbiter of  "What God is" (considering you supposedly don't believe in any)

5. Good at arguing. Calling yourself Atheist does not mean you don't have dumb replies

6  Immune from confirmation bias. You guys have SO MUCH confirmation bias towards the Christian God. You WANT the Christian God. You will ONLY accept the Christian God. That makes you lost Christians.

Just saying.