request old images of 1990's early 2000's legal highs

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request old images of 1990's early 2000's legal highs

Postby Coz the Shroom » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:17 pm

Hey I'm looking for images of some older party pills/formulas, online head shop images, things like "Space cadets" "red dawn" or "druid's fantasy" my mother in law was speaking fondly of some red things that was labeled as herbal ecstasy back in those days, which she says came from india. If I can identify the packaging, perhaps I can re-create whatever was in the formula that is still available today. I think just about everything I ordered in those days contained tons of Fo-ti. Let's see some pictures. Using the google images search tool I couldn't find any images older than 2008, and you know how well google fucking works anymore-- LOTS of new products from new vendors STILL come up in the search results.
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