New Guy! Hi!

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New Guy! Hi!

Postby rajastrums » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:37 am

i'm new and found this site while doing a little research on chocolate mescaline. Serendipity is awesome!

I no longer partake of any substances that aid shaping of the mind except for the ones I have a medical need for. It is due to the legal and social consequences I could possibly face not because of any moral dilemma or social pressure. I believe they could help me physically and mentally but my doctor has drawn a long, deep line in the sand as it were and I must comply. It sucks having to be responsible! :lol: Only kidding. I'm happy to do it for my family and friends. And me.

After looking over the board index I decided to register. I think I can learn a lot about taking care of myself in the years of consciousness I have left on Earth. I will contribute to discussions when I have something relevant to add.

So - glad to be here!
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Re: New Guy! Hi!

Postby unsigned_char72 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:48 am

Welcome aboard :-)
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