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Michael Jackson -

Post by Flapjack » Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:29 pm

When most people nowadays hear the name Michael Jackson, they don't think about his contribution to the world, his good music, his talent, his inspiration, his accomplishments, the fact that he was the most charitable star in history, or about his deep avocation for peace, love and God.

Or that his message of innocence and children emulates the teachings of Jesus Christ and that he was a very religious man being a Jehovahs witness.

Instead they probably think about his last court appearence where he was called Wacko Jacko, crazy, a pedaphile, a creep, a pervert, a druggy and a weirdo.

And unfortunately this is what people think when they hear the name Michael Jackson even though these names were generated from tabloids.

What if this was an innocent man? Why do people still assume he is guilty, even though he was found innocent?

In 1993, Jackson was accused of child molestation by a boy named Jordan Chandler.

After police raided his house without finding any evidence, Michael Jackson submitted to a 25 minute strip search.

Jordan Chandler reportedly gave police a description of Jackson's private parts, claiming that his penis was circumsiced, but the strip search revealed Jackson was actually uncircumcized, a fact confirmed in his autopsy.

Also Evan Chandler, the boys father was tape recorded over the phone saying the following:

"If I go through with this, I win big-time… I will get everything I want… they will be destroyed forever…”


The Chandler family demanded payment from Jackson, and the singer initially refused, but later was adviced by his insurer to settle out of court.

Jackson's insurance carrier settled out of court for an estimated 20 million dollars, but this by no means proves that he is guilty. Michael was a multi-billionaire and could afford the large fee, but I'll let Michael speak for himself on this matter.


Is he not adorable? He hoped to just put this all behind him and wanted it to just go away.

Also in 2005, Jordan Chandler filed a restraining order against his father after he allegedly hit Jordan over the head with a twelve pound weight, sprayed mace in his face and choked him.

And in 2009, Evan Chandler, the boys father, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head...

So these were obviously not good wholesome people, especially Jordan's father who was abusive.

There's a lot of evidence in Jackson's defence, the reason why he settled out of court was probably because he had the money and just wanted to go back to his life and escape the media attention.

In 2003, Michael's house was raided once again for allegations of child molestation by a boy named Gavin Arvizo and Jackson described how the police were cruel and forceful to him.


The welt on his arm is where the police hand cuffed him. He aslo describes how they dislocated his shoulder and while in jail they locked him in a feces covered restroom for 45 minutes.

Also there were 80 police searching his bedroom, all of which found no evidence for the allegations.

Michael denied all the charges against him and went through the entire trial which lasted 5 months.

And after all of this he was found not guilty on every single account against him. The only evidence they had was the boy's word who was presumably lieing by the command of his parents. Also Arvizo's dad was abusive toward him.

Michael Jackson was found innocent of all charges, but let me show you how innocent he really seems to be.


So cute!

But sadly, after his famous molestation case, he was never able to fully recover. The Los Angeles Coriners office said that when Michael died, the 5'9" singer only weighed 136 punds.

Aphrodite Jones from true crime describes the trial first hand that ultimately caused his death.


So why is it that we still condemn this man? Because of the tabloid press? Michael's music, personality and message should be shared with the world, not this drama.

I want us today to have an open mind and heart, and to acknowledge that Michael Jackson is not a pedophile, but someone who has a lot to offer the world, still; even after his death. He can teach us what it means to be a child, to never grow old, about God, children, and that now more than ever we need to love each other, love our children, learn from our children, talk to our children and care for our children inorder to make the world a better place.

Michael Jackson could not have stressed enough the importance of our children, and never losing the child inside you.


"In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way."

- Micheal Jackson

I love you Michael!
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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by SalvinorinAlpha » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:17 am

Even if he was guilty, I still enjoy his music. I appreciate what you're saying here Flappy. :)

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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by flickedbic » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:39 am

Have you read, seen or heard the videos/discussions going on about MJs' death in regards to the Illuminati?

I saw a video of him speaking about how the history books are all full of lies, and his "2002 speaking out on Sony Conspiracy and NWO Bilderberger Thomas Daniel aka Tommy Mottola" etc... there is much more.
On July 6th, 2002 MJ gave a speech that was basically about bringing Sony and especially Tommy Mottolla down, who MJ described as an evil man, the devil, and a racist. (Mottolla reportedly did some scary shit to Mariah Carey his ex-wife.) The very NEXT DAY, July 7th, 2002 is the date of the will that has been brought up as MJ’s will. Clearly the man feared for his life then. Is there any reason to suspect that fear was unfounded or died away? He also believed Sony was in some way involved with the child molestation trial. After all, how could MJ defend his 50% stake in the Sony catalog if he was in prison?

And just last week his sister gave an interview and at the end said, basically "everything about MJ's death was premeditated... everything."

That interview peaked my interest, as I had been interested in the information I touched on earlier...

All readable matter in the above post is ficticious.

Any similarities to real life are purely coincidental.

Without prejudice.

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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by teeko » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:49 pm

tbgb right?

something like that....

All lies contain truth.

All truths are circumstantial.

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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by Flapjack » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:44 pm

Yeah I heard about that, there is conspiracy surrounding his death and also all of the molestation business as well as with the media who basically tried to destroy him entirely forever... so that he's remembered for being a pedaphile instead of inspiring people the way he should have.

I think he's like Jesus Christ.

The government killed him again!

It's sad I tried to talk to other people my age about Michael and really the first thing they thought of was, "He was crazy," "He was a pedaphile," "Wasn't he addicted to drugs?" And that's all they know. It's sad because he was amazing!

He did speak out about the government numerous times and tried to actually take down the entire Sony corperation.

He's inspiring though and he was really religious and talks about his passion for God and the teachings of Jesus. It's nothing but really positive and uplifting things that come out of his mouth and music.
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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by jackaroe » Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:54 pm

Flapjack wrote:It's sad I tried to talk to other people my age about Michael and really the first thing they thought of was, "He was crazy," "He was a pedaphile," "Wasn't he addicted to drugs?" And that's all they know. It's sad because he was amazing!
That's the general public for you, swayed in their beliefs by the same shitty journalists and media that point out peoples flaws just for a story.

Yeah, there are a lot of stand up people that will only be remembered as druggies or crazy. But then there are people like me that can see past that bs. The stupid sayings of people "oh what he did to himself, it's a shame", or "he drugged himself to death". Just stupid stuff. Nevermind that some of the most talented and influencial people did drugs in some form or another.

People that say shitty things and point out other peoples struggles just like to forget about their own pathetic life. But hopefully people get remembered for the positive things they left behind. If Mozart had died in 2011 all we would hear is about the drug use. Thankfully he is remembered as a genius.

As far as MJ, I don't believe the crap that was thrown at him. But good for you Flappy for spotlighting the important things. Good positive things that your average person will never come close to in terms of important and helpful.

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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by SleepyTime » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:18 am

Yeah people always joke about him wanting to be white. I believe he was brainwashed like other non whites to believe that white was the way. This sacrifice of ones own identity to try to adapt to a farce is no way to live. I think towards the end of his career he was getting fed up. He was/is very talented and I never suspected him of child molestation. Like Janis,Morrison and Hendrix he was did in and it would of been sooner, if he was more extreme about it.

Michael probably thought like I do that childhood is very important and children should be as happy as can be. ( i'm not down for all the video games and crap though) So it is hard to digest that he molested children. I know he had it bad as a child and wanted others to enjoy theirs.

Carry on

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Re: Michael Jackson -

Post by Flapjack » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:16 am

He said he had a skin disease called vitiligo and there are pictures of him that show the skin pigmentation deteriorating in blotches around his face. He said that he used makeup to even out his skin tone. He also said he was allergic to the sun because of it, but then again he is white as white so maybe he did something along with his skin disease to eather maybe even out his entire body, hide the blotches or become whiter, but I can't say.

I don't believe he only had two nose jobs in his life however, I think he had a bit more cosmetic surgery than that, but Michael was really private about that sort of thing so I can't say exactly what else he might of had. Though by looking at him it would seem as though he has had his chin and eyes worked on.

He was a good looking guy though, even after his first nose job. It actually didn't look bad. After the first one he was probably never satisfied with it and kept on touching it up, but I don't know the man. I kind of find myself physically attracted to him, he's like bi-gender in appearence. Though I don't think he was homosexual.


Maybe he saw himself as like a prophet of some sort, like a person intune with God and a disciple of Jesus. He believed strongly in God and Jesus, maybe he wanted to emulate what he percieved as a heavenly image. Not necessarily wanting to be white, but like something angelic and pure.

definitly an interesting man

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