"Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain

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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by SleepyTime » Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:40 am

2 glasses of milk and I've had the shits all day. I'll just have to slowly gain the mass.

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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by SalvinorinAlpha » Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:49 am

Maybe you're lactose intolerant?

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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by teeko » Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:38 am

Very much sounds like it.

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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by SleepyTime » Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:43 am

I am,but when I kefir milk I can drink it. I would just have to drink kefir'ed milk for this thing perhaps.

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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by GK77 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:42 am

Milk is debatable. Some people can handle it. Longterm not a great idea, high in chol/sat fat can lead to elevated TG, chol, BP, possible stroke etc. Skim is a much better choice, feed the calorie difference with something else.

The problem is this diet isnt good long term. And then how will you keep the weight/lean mass on? Once you have more metabolically active tissue, your bmr is going to be even higher than it is now. So you will need to continue large consumption of calories each day. Best to adopt a healthy diet that can continue as a sustained lifestyle to support you ideal wt.

As cliche as it sounds, eat a well balanced diet and dont sweat all the supplements. They are for people who dont fully understand metabolism. In most cases they are useless, with a few exceptions and senarios. 20 grams of protein w/in 20 minutes after a workout is vital; (milk/egg white/pro powder ok too); that 20 minutes has shown to be the ideal window when ur body breaks down the amino acids and begins rebuilding muscle mass, more than 20 grams and bioavalability drops drastically, also more pro puts strain on the kidneys and mostly just gets pissed out. eat complete or complementary proteins to ensure all AA are being supplied, that way u wont need to spend $$ on any AA sups from GNC.
You can afford to carb load before a workout, unless ur are diabetic. Best stamina trick there is. Have a complex carb/rotein snack while working out as well.
CoQ10 also has shown to increase energy levels as it plays a large part in the krebs cycle. Add MCT to that and you should have some serious stamina during training. However MCT (when compare to LCFA) may cause slight wt loss.
Healthy mufa/pufa fats all the way to reduce inflammation/belly fat.
TheNomad wrote:I now use Chia seeds, ground.

They have a better ratio of Omega Fatty Acids, 3's to 6's.

They also have a lot fiber.
Just remember to have the majority of your fiber (if you can) seperate from your meals-nutrients, protein etc. It can cause decreased absorption of nutrients when eaten in same time frame. Thus it can also cause wt loss, which is usually good for most people, but maybe not in your case. The fiber will, however, help with cholesterol issues, as well as blood glucose stability. Psyllium husk is one of my staples.

Also, the omega 3's in plants are great, you just need 2x the amount. Ex. ALA 1000mg = 500mg of omega3's absorbed and converted. When eaten in EPA/DHA form, all (>98%) is available.

There are some exception to all of this, but from what i have heard you say elswhere, you have been extremely healthy and have no disease states that would counterindicate any of what ive said.

Side note, not sure why ur caloric needs are so high; if that info was obtained via bod pod and/or metabolic cart, then you may want to look into hperthroidism. And quit eating kelp ;)
I have a feeling that isnt the case though.
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Re: "Bulking Up" - Muscle Gain -

Post by sleepaidsreview » Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:27 am

Include more and more fruits and their shakes in your diet, especially banana.

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