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Postby Flapjack » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:45 am

My dreams have been so vivid and beautiful lately. I can actually sit and see closed eye hallucinations just before falling asleep, and they are full of color and bright lights. Like, I am sitting in the dark, but when I close my eyes, I see a huge bright light. It's totally amazing. And when I actually fall asleep, I have these crazy dreams. Dreams of stuff that is so beautiful it's really hard to describe. For example, last night, I was in some kind of futuristic building, with like a beach on one of its balconies, which was thousands of feet in the sky, and looking over the balcony, I could see thousands of other futuristic buildings. I was looking out at this fantastic city. It was in broad daylight, and the sun was glistening off of everything. The city was a collection of cities, each on a tiny island. It was so immense and breathe taking that I was actually scared while looking at it.

It was totally fucking crazy. Am I losing my shit? There was so much to look at, and I forgot a lot of it, but it was full of people and these amazing places. It was a city, but like nothing that exists today. Even Las Vegas would be super boring compared to this place. I've been having other dreams that are really vivid but I can't remember them. This dream that I am explaining was particularly vivid. It was such a large and crazy place that it was actually scary in a way. I couldn't look over this gigantic balcony for too long, because it was overwhelming to see such a gigantic view. It was a similar feeling one might get if they are afraid of heights. It was like I was experiencing megalophobia. I think megalophobia is something most people experience at least at some point in life. I used to get it when I was a kid. I remember looking at a mountain and feeling like I was going to fall off the earth, or something totally ridiculous. It was overall a beautiful dream, though.
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