The site of Dropgun made a poll, on the best skins of AK-47.

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The site of Dropgun made a poll, on the best skins of AK-47.

Postby Vakon » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:36 am

Dropgun presents the rating results "TOP 5 AK 47 skins" that was provided among users of the web-store! Our gamers Just needed to name 5 TOP AK skins in their view) At all We have questioned about 20 000 users... Our managers were unexpected by the results of rating:)

AK47 Jet Set

AK 47 Jet Set got the 5th place... The greatest need of this AK is talking about its popularity. Jet Set can get more famous than now, We noted. The Jet Set has the decoration of cool journeys)

AK - Redline

AK47 Redline gained the 2nd position! This skin is very juicy and stylish) Regardless its low price many users want to drop it from our cases...

AK47 Vulcan

AK gained 4th position according to users votes... This skin has a style of sleeping volcano and attract gamers attention because it is AK and gamer awakens thisvolcano:) This skin is not very high cost but has a huge demand!

Fire Serpent - AK47

Our team were surprised that AK Fire Serpent have not take the 1st but 3rd place) Our team think that its popularity is the box of days that went away. Dropgun is sure that this Serpent has a fire breath) Either, this is one of the most famous skins at all:)

Wasteland Rebel - AK 47

This item took the 1st place in our Research and it is really nice:)

The next item has its inimitable style!..
All named models U can earn without efforts from boxes on our web store!

We thanks to you took part in this investigation...
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