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Post by Cultosaurus » Sat May 19, 2012 4:35 pm

Since I did not wish to hijack Stephen's thread (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=25097), I began another as it is not directly on topic of his question. but ... it was just so odd.

Further to what I was saying about capitalism and the need to control economy and thus control people that leads to prohibition laws, I was struck recently by how money terminology is used so easily and has become such a part of people's thought pattern that it is used in completely unrelated, inaccurate and strange circumstances.

I was watching a DVD of the History Channel's show called the Universe. There were 2 references that struck me as exceedingly odd. At one point, the scientist was describing the very high output of energy and power from the sun and stated that "it is sent to us free of charge", like that was something very amazing that we get such energy for free. Later in another episode on Jupiter, the scientist stated that 'Jupiter does not work on that value system', as if a planet made of gas has any concept of money, value and exchange of goods.

The concept of commerce and exchange of goods entering into a discussion about the natural and cosmic world just blew my mind. That must be the way that the prohibitionists feel about it all. They cannot make money from what is natural and easily gotten by someone who knows where to find it or how to grow their own, that they ban it so that people have to buy some other product in it's place. The natural world does not deal in materialism and the acquisition of wealth and trade and yet people are confused by the fact that we get such beautiful things from it without having to bargain for it.

God, Mother Nature and the Cosmos deal only in what exists and the way in which things function, not in what you have to pay for something. Not in what something costs to produce or what it can be sold for.

Mankind's perception of everything in terms of 'value' in gold, exchange of goods, money, acquisition and all things commercial has distorted people's view of the world and what it means to such a point that true value is lost, real meaning is lost. Which leads to this kind of theft and destruction: ... -tree.html . An 800 year old tree taken to be turned into the cheapest garbage use for cedar trees. Poaching, killing rhinos for aphrodisiacs, sharks for soup ... Life is nothing but a commodity. We are all chattel and cattle to be use at the whim of the rich, the stupid, the unethical.

This is the paradigm that many of us here understand, but it is also the paradigm that the rest of the world much change. Life is not just about acquiring gold like some fucking little Ferengi Donald Trump. Life is about cultivating life, enjoying life and letting others do the same.

Perhaps I've gotten off at the wrong station. I don't know.

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Re: Money

Post by catfishrivers » Sun May 20, 2012 11:20 am

I am very much on a similar path of understanding when it comes to money, and how pervasive (invasive?) its precepts have grown into the human psyche. Anytime I try to have this conversation with someone, it always ends at the idea of what else is there? And that it's a pipe dream to image a world without money...

check this Q & A out. I watched it last night at the suggestion of a friend, and it helped give me confidence that living without money is actually possible (for the most part)...I've been on a similar path, removing myself from much of the workforce, and reducing my expenditures to a mere minimum. I lived on less than $9k last year and was relatively happy...there were definite areas of need where I lacked tho , so it's a work in progress (like having to accept charity care for an emergency medical procedure). But seeing this video Q & A with Daniel Suelo, a guy who has been intentionally living without money for 12 years or so. His answers to some of the questions really helped re-enliven the spark in me to keep at this...for most often, the feelings I get and the impressions from others, try so hard to force me back on the old rails when I know I am already on the right track in my heart of hearts....check this out, I think it would be a good basis for people who are not on this path to watch it, and start a dialog here on the topic.

Also, do a google search for terms like Gift Based Economy, Resource Based Economy, and Sacred Economics. There's a lot more of us out there than we realize. :)

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Re: Money

Post by Vor33t3x » Sat May 26, 2012 3:50 am

I highly recommend checking out some of Charles Eisenstein's work. He authored the book "Sacred Economics" and while I have yet to read it, I did attend a group teach-in a few weeks ago where he was the key speaker. Some of the concepts were really eye opening, and the way he weaves the story of the history of our planet's economic past, present, and possible/probable futures breathes a lot of life into some of these new concepts of wealth and commodities that are just beginning to break the skin of our present perverted systems.

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Re: Money

Post by Flapjack » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:16 am

I hate that show and I used to like shows like that... they always have the host as some actor or band member who doesn't know shit about what their talking about and half of the show seems like it's pulled straight out of their asses.

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