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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby Chris021 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:59 pm

GK77 wrote:A few members here have asked me for my personal best scales for weight loss advise. Some folks here who are also friends with me on Facebook know I work as a clinical nutritionist at our local major hospital. Others have simply asked in general in the Health section of this forum. Basically, much of my time entails working with outpatients, some of which have had gastric weight loss procedures (bypass, lapband, plication...) but ended up gaining the weight back. Other patients have planned bariatric surgery, but end up not needing it due to our weight loss program and counselling (to the dismay and probable frustration of the MD's no doubt). The success we see is based on some core concepts I have had a major part in developing. The following are some of those tips I use religiously, as patients often tell me these tips are what made the difference between their successful weight loss attempts this time, and numerous unsuccessful attempts in the past.

The following will become a lifestyle change, but it shouldn't be seen as one initially. That will after you succeed, b/c you will WANT to adopt these changes. Now they'll just be a means to an end, an end in which you have to want yourself before adopting. That really is the hardest part. Just agreeing to give it a go. I'm sure many of us are familiar with the apprehension before "trying" something we are unsure of doing, either due to fear or failure. I can't speak for you, but I am certainly thankful I decided to conquer those particular fears, as the results of embarking were always meaningful and substantial, and have made me who I am today. This is no different.

Also, this isn't rocket science. Most of this is intuitive and you have probably hear it all before. But most HAVEN'T heard it all in the same place, in the same context, in conjunction with reasons WHY it is so successful in our clinical setting. The whys make a big difference to those who want to know what is going on in the body so they can believe in the program. Others could care less, but some explanations are included for those who do; it would be an oversight to exclude it. Here's the gist of it:

First, find out what foods are your trigger foods. Which foods cause you to overeat, or emotionally eat. Most people overeat carbs (if they are around), so get rid of most problem CHO's. Only keep around whole grains like quinoa, bulgar and the like. I'd ditch the pasta, but if you must have it, make sure to buy DreamFields for an occasional meal. Fruit to keep around include most berries, grapes etc... Keep the tropical fruit (bananas, mangos, pineapple) out of the house. Most people know now that the body wants to use carbs as the initial fuel for the Krebs Cycle, before resorting to storage fuel such as fats. Don't worry, this isn't a No Carb diet, but because it is successful at getting the weight loss started, it will be a low carb diet, initially. Once you get to your goal weight, I can post here on how best to reintroduce healthy complex carbs into the diet. I also successfully introduce limited sweets, breads etc to weight loss patients who want the occasional treat, and they continue to keep the weight off.

10 minutes prior to each meal drink a full PINT of water. Alternately, if you are can handle it, drink the water with 2 TBS psyllium husk in it. This can REALLY make a huge difference if you aren't the type to get squeamish when drinking plant matter; my guess is most of you won't be ;-)
Next, drink more water. It's your best friend. Breakfast can be small but don't skip it. Have a light yogurt or a hard boiled egg over 1 slice of toast. I like a small bowl of cereal (3/4 cup) of Special K Protein Plus or Kashi Go-Lean. Both are great cereals for weight loss. For the other meals focus on primarily skinless seasoned chicken, pork loins, or fish (cold water fatty fish like salmon are good too). Sandwiches and a side salad are good for lunch. Use bread that is ~50 kcals per slice, and whole wheat. Dinner go for half the plate being veggies (broc, spinach, carrots, squash/zuch, asparagus, kale or chard, onions, garlic etc....), include some fruits if you'd like. 1/3 cup of whole grains/legumes is allowed, but try to keep away from rice/pasta. Healthy oils ore ok such as olive, avocados, and nuts, but be careful these can be high in calories. Watch your portions. If you still feel hungry after you are done eating, wait 15 minutes before eating more. This gives your UGI organs time to release satiating hormones like CCK & PYY which will make you feel full, IF you wait the ~15 minutes.

Aim for less than 500 kcals/meal. A small fruit/veggie snack, some nuts or a protein shake/bar snack are OK once a day as needed, make sure they are less than 200 kcals. Regardless, don't go over 1500 kcals/day. There are an infinite number of possibilities for these meals, get creative. Websites can be a good source of ideas esp when they provide the caloric information as well.

If you do it right, 1200-1500 will fill you up. If you don't skip meals your metabolism won't slow down like it can on extreme low cal diets that skip meals. Combined with a little walking, biking, swimming etc, the metabolism will actually speed up, and excess weight will WANT to fall off.

Also anyone who is even slightly overweight is in a state of systemic inflammation in which the extra adipocytes (fat cells) produce an increased number of inflammatory cytokines (such as TNF, leptin...) thus making it difficult to free these fat cells until the inflammation is dealt with. Hence the initial difficulty most people experience when trying to get the weight loss "train" going. It's not impossible, but it can be an uphill battle for many. A good way to counter the inflammation? Well of course exercise and a clean diet (low/no processed foods, low/no refined CHO's/sugars) will help; additionally... take a HIGH dose (2000/3000 mg) omega-3 to reduce inflammation to allow the body to "let go/burn off" of the excess adipocytes and get enough early momentum to carry you through to the end. When people have early success, they are much more likely to stick with it.

I would encourage you to take a multivitamin/mineral as well, as you may miss some nutrients when eating a low cal/carb diet. Although you will never become deficient, the body will function more efficiently if it has adequate cofactors/vitamins for all the processes we are trying to initiate. 100% of the DRI/RDA's is plenty adequate.

I will add other tips as I recall them and see the need. If you have any ?'s feel free to ask here or PM me.

Thank you for giving this nice information, and I will definitely use these tips...
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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby OMAR » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:10 am

Chris021 wrote:Hi,
Thank you for giving this nice information, and I will definitely use these tips...

Also look into sleep and weight loss. I remember reading a study where two groups of people ate the same diet. One group slept for 6 hours, the other for 9. The group who slept for 9 had a 50% increase in weight loss.
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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby Aaron055 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:45 pm

There are some tips:
Drink Coffee.
Drink Green Tea.
Eat Less Refined meal.
Drink Water, Especially Before Meals.
Brush Your Teeth After Dinner.

I think you follow this rules.
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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby sam128 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:12 am

i havent tried some of them. i will
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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby GreenInyan » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:01 am

That mushroom at the top of this page... it also reduces the desire to eat and makes you feel full.
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Re: Weight Loss Tips

Postby GK77 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:06 pm

Definitely full, lol.
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