Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

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Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby Mycophile » Sat May 30, 2015 3:22 pm

I just got some intoxicating mint (Lagochilus Inebrians) which is a very rare herb from countries like Turkistan and Uzbekistan and I'm going to make some kind of tea or drink from it but I don't know what I should make or how much leaf per liquid.

Has anyone ever done this before?

Does anyone else have any recommendations on what to make and how?

I have absolutely ZERO knowledge of chemistry and I suck at cooking lol, so my only ideas are to try to make a strong tea or leave it soaking in alcohol.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby unsigned_char72 » Sun May 31, 2015 2:48 am

Instead of making a tea, I would try to smoke it instead. I guess if it's active it will show better by smoking it rather than making a tea (as for Salvia).

I do teas from regular mint (mentha piperita) and one teaspoon is enough to make water get its peculiar taste and coloration.

I'm very curious about Lagochilus, it seems that live plants are hard to find, so if you can report back your experience.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby Mycophile » Sun May 31, 2015 2:15 pm

Why do you think that smoking it will show more effects than drinking tea made from it??

Yes, it is indeed EXTREMELY rare but I know where to get it, not sure if sharing vendors is allowed but if so I will.

So, I both smoked and vaporized some intoxicating mint in my Herbalaire last night and had some good effects.

Mind you, I was still on some Kratom I had taken eariler, mostly Green Malaysian mixed with a little Bali so the effects I got were probably somewhat different than they would be by themselves.

I started by vaporizing some of the plant and I immediately felt a nice relaxing buzz.

Kind of like just the body high of weed without any of the anxiety and few mental effects.

My head was still very clear but I felt nice and relaxed with tingling sensations in the center of my forehead and a little bit in my temples.

Then after vaping quite a bit I packed a small bowl and smoked it and I noticed that smoking it hit me a bit harder than vaping and I felt pretty nice.

I lay on my floor with my head on some pillows and felt a body high and relaxed sensations throughout my legs and feet but I strongly believe that some of the body high was due to a combo of the mint and the Kratom I was on so I'll have to try the mint without Kratom and see how different it is but most of the effects I got were from the mint and not the Kratom I think.

The only thing I can compare it to is Indian Warrior (Pedicularis Densiflora) which I have smoked a number of times.

In fact, I would say that the highs I got from the two were nearly indistinguishable.

Basically, this stuff felt like you would expect a miscellaneous relaxing herb to feel---pleasurable and mentally calming with some body high.

I am really interested to smoke some Indian Warrior alongside the Intoxicating Mint in order to compare the two to see if they are actually as similar as I think and I was going to do it last night but I opted not to because it was the first time I'd ever done Intoxicating Mint and I usually like to use drugs by themselves on the first try to really understand the effects and I was already on Kratom and didn't want to make it a 3 way combo.

Anyways, the high lasted about 2 hours and then I was up all night which is always what happens if I take Kratom too late, but the high was pleasurable.

I will be smoking and vaping this quite a few more times I'm sure and I plan on also making a tea from it and combining it with Indian Warrior.

It's definitely a promising substance albeit very mild.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby unsigned_char72 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:04 am

Thanks for the detailed report, this herb is interesting, and definitely deserves exploration alone (w/o Kratom) and in combo with other entheogens.

As for getting it, I'm looking for live plants (or seeds) but that's just wishful thinking I guess.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby Mycophile » Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:06 pm

I will use it soon without Kratom and with Indian Warrior and will report the results but i think most of the effects I felt were from the mint alone and not the Kratom.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby Mycophile » Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:17 am

So since I had only tried it once while on Kratom last night I tried smoking and vaping Intoxicating Mint for the first time when I was sober.

It felt mostly the same though it was a little stronger maybe while on the Kratom.

I packed my vaporizer and my bowl and switched back and forth between hitting the bowl and the vaporizer.

The high/buzz is EXTREMELY mild but it is definitely existent more so than some other herbs people try to smoke which have no effect.

I find it to just be mildly relaxing, almost no head high or consciousness shift really just bodily sensations, mostly tingling in the temples, center of the forehead near the "third eye" and the back of the head and slight heaviness of eyelids making me a little bit tired and it makes it lying down pleasurable.

I can't say a whole lot more about it so far than that...just another mildly relaxing herb.

But since last time I thought it seemed so similar to Indian Warrior (Pedicularis Densiflora) which I enjoy I decided to mix the two of them this time and compare the highs and see the differences and the combined effect.

So AFTER I was already a little bit high off Intoxicating Mint I packed a bowl of Indian Warrior and smoked it.

I just felt a general increase in the heaviness of my high at first, just a bit of increased tiredness and further increased calmness and more tingling sensations in my temples, forehead and back of my head.

At first I'd say I noticed absolutely no difference between the feelings produced by the two herbs really, so then I decided to pack a small metal bowl full of Intoxicating Mint while my glass bowl was packed with Indian Warrior and literally go hit for hit back and forth between the two herbs and try to feel the differences.

The first thing I can say is that once I really started hitting the Indian Warrior I felt for sure that it was just a notch stronger than Intoxicating Mint in intensity.

The reason I knew this is that there was something that was annoying me on my mind that I was mildly angry about while smoking the Intoxicating Mint but the mint didn't really make the annoyance go away.

But when I started hitting the Indian Warrior the annoyance dissapeared as if there was a wall between the frustration and myself.

I have felt this before, that Indian Warrior is VERY good for anger, and the Native Americans who smoked it supposedly said that that was one of it's main uses: to calm anger as well as pacify fear.

So when going back between hitting the Indian Warrior and the Intoxicating Mint here are the differences I noticed:

Indian Warrior has a stronger impact on anger and soothes my mind in relation to minor annoyances than Intoxicating Mint
Indian Warrior is a much smoother smoke while Intoxicating Mint is a bit harsher on the throat
Indian Warrior is a bit more sedating than Intoxicating Mint and makes me a bit more sleepy
Indian Warrior smoke tastes better
I'm not sure but I THINK Intoxicating Mint produced more tingling sensations in the middle of my forehead than Indian Warrior.

That's really about it because the two herbs felt REMARKABLY similar to smoke even side by side and if it weren't for the difference in tastes of the smoke it might be hard to distinguish the two in a blind study but overall Indian Warrior is still A BIT stronger, a bit more sedating, a bit smoother and tastier as smoke, and I would say that I prefer it of the two.

Once I was done smoking the two I was VERY relaxed and sedated and tired.

After that I sat in front of my TV watching a movie while high on the combo.

I found that I enjoyed closing my eyes and just listening to the characters in the movie talk rather than watch them and I felt almost as if I had empathetic feelings towards the characters in the movie.

After that I took both benadryl and Melatonin because for some reason I like to take a lot of sleep meds before bed and once the two kicked in ON TOP of the Indian Warrior/Intoxicating Mint combo I was feeling VERY peaceful.

Going to sleep on the combo was very nice and I slept well.

Now I think the final experiment to do is just to make tea out of the Intoxicating Mint as that is what the traditional preparation was by the Turkeistani and Uzebeki peoples and it was their original method of ingestion but I'm not sure how they did it or how much of the herb they used.

I have to say I am a lot less excited about making the tea now than I was because I already experience smoking it but who knows it might actually be much stronger than smoking it.

There must have been a reason why those people chose to make a tea over smoking it.

I'll continue to document my experiments with it here.
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Re: Anyone ever make tea out of Intoxicating Mint?

Postby botanicalguides » Sun May 08, 2016 12:00 am

compared to kratom , is is stronger or weaker or about as intense as kratom?
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