Mild, meditative, natural, plant mixture at low dose

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Mild, meditative, natural, plant mixture at low dose

Post by sage-borodin » Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:56 am

I had been considering psychedelic exploration again after being on somewhat of a break. I will only consume psychedelics every few months, sometimes every few years, then I generally will go through a few weeks of deep exploration. the time felt right, all the signs were right, then I consulted the I-ching and was given hexagram number 27, "nourishment", I was reading from the Brian Browne Walker translation of the I-ching, and it became obvious that psychedelic journeying was the appropriate course of action.

Wanting to ease into things and begin slow I consumed 2.5g peganum harmala seeds (PHS), no preperations, no powdering, I simply swallowed the mass of whole seeds in a single gulp with some H2O. Next I consumed 4 "00" gel-caps packed with powdered acacia confusa root bark, I knew this was not sufficient to elucidate any psychoactivity, but wanted to experiment.

Next I consumed two 2-3 centimeter diameter sized lophophora williamsii buttons, which were fresh. As I chewed the fresh buttons the bitter chemical taste was nearly overpowering, my stomach was already uneasy from the PHS, but I managed to swallow down all the plants without issue.
First I could feel the PHS take hold, this was a small dose, hardly enough to elucidate the harmala alkaloids mild intoxication, yet I could feel the effect comming on strong. it starts as as spacey sedated feeling, you have poor coordination, you move in a clumsy fashion, and have poor sense of your surroundings, your consciousness feels "light" and "flowing" like a drifting feather falling in the air, or a gentle stream. Simultaneously, you feel this euphoric charge of energy which creeps up from your core and sends tingles down your spine. It's a very earth centered feeling, you can feel nature in your soul, you feel one with the rivers and trees, with the sky, and with the sun. The smell of the moist dirt and dew soaked grass, the scent of the newly flowering plants and energy and charge of the flowing rivers, you deeply feel all of this nature in a very intimate way. Over all It's a strange combination of energetic natural awe and spaced-out peaceful sedation.
Next, I could taste the ACRB as the gel-caps dissolved in my stomach, releasing the powdered bark along with its taste. This was not so much a psychoactive effect, how could it be? But here was something slight and noticeable there in terms of an alteration of consciousness, though it could have been psychosomatic.
The lophophora buttons took a good deal of time to become psychologically noticeable. They came on very slow, I could first feel this physical sensation on my head, it's almost like the feeling of wearing a hat combined with "pins and needles", this is a common sensation experienced when taking amphetamines. then, after more time had passed, Slowly I noticed the psychedelic shift in my thoughts and mood, as if I was stepping outside of my identity and viewing existance from a "blank-slate". There were mild visual hallucinations, but they were not prominent. This experience was psychedelic, though it was incredibly mild, it was not visionary, but it was quite significant. Like seeing the world through new eyes

This experience was mainly a shift in perspective and psychology, an examination of my situation, identity, flaws, psychology, social standing, and general affect on this planet, the other piece of it seemed to be this deep connection and love for nature, and a deep sadness regarding ways in which nature is being exploited and destroyed. I felt like I was a core piece of the nature around me, rather than some type of separate entity. In our society most do not even see humans as actual animals, we see ourselves as separate from the animals, the plants, the insects, the mountains and dirt, and as we hide in our fabricated homes and concrete cities, it's very easy to feel like humans are separate from nature entirely, nature becomes perceived as this "other" that we interact with, and act upon, without being a part of it, we forget that we were created from it. I regained a good deal of my connection with Gaia, mother earth, and received an intrinsic comfort with my being here.

I'm not sure that this was a psychedelic experience in the traditional sense. It was incredibly mild, and almost fully lacking in visions or visual hallucination. However it was incredibly introspective and psychologically analytical, it was meditative, and healing.

( generally, one should never mix mono amine oxidase inhibitors with phenethylamines/amphetamines, however mescaline seems to be a special case, and I have found that the combination of mescaline with harmala alkaloids is actually quite safe, and effective. The inhibition of the mono amine oxidase enzymes allows smaller doses of mescaline to produce psychoactive effects. )

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